Friday, November 13, 2015

Outrage, Spirits of the Past, 1977's Card 45, Rebel Ceremony Variants

Believe it or not, we don't do a lot of planning for our episodes. And despite our lack of efforts, sometimes a theme emerges. In this episode, outrage became a recurring topic. We discuss the various things that people get outraged about in the app. We discuss whether that outrage is well-founded or misplaced. We discuss whether outrage comes from a place of scarcity or abundance: does getting outraged at something mean you have less to spread around to other areas? Or, in fact, more? But other than Rhett expressing a little outrage over people spreading outrage, we didn't have much actual outrage happening. But, lo and behold, Topps gives us something to stew aoubt even as we record, in the form a free green Journey card, that's a reminder of Rhett's least favorite card in the set. We get a real, genuine moment of outrage to bring it all full circle.

Oh, and we talk about some of the new sets and cards in the app over the last week. Including, but not limited to, Rebel Ceremony variants, digital watercolor, Rebels sigs, Comic Pop Art, and that miracle of miracles (ok, maybe at this point a Galactic Moment card would be a bigger miracle, but you get the idea), the return of card 45 from the 1977 set.

At one point we mention a Porkins poster. Here's the Episode 7 character posters if you haven't seen them, with their one-eye-obscured theme. Following is the Porkins poster.