Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Last Jedi Spoiler Debrief

We saw the movie and had to get our thoughts aired. Joining us this week, possibly from the 1940s, is our friend Earl, who some of our listeners may recognize from The Deucecast Movie Show. Don't listen if you haven't seen the movie. Even if you don't care about it being spoiled, it just won't make any sense. Maybe that's par for the course, though. We give a teat-count, coin the phrase Constable Zuvio-ed, and wax philosophical about the direction and tone of the movie as it compares to The Force Awakens. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Last Jedi Holiday Spectacular

It's that time of year...grab your box of Canto Bites to snack on and head to the theater! Michael's under the weather, but that's not stopping us from getting out an episode. In no particular order:

- Cats that look like Wilford Brimley
- Chickens as pets
- How saving a wild rabbit could work
- What's fun to chase in the app
- App woes
- Rian Johnson said to be heading up a new trilogy
- How do the Praetorian Guards see out of their masks?
- What if anything you put in your will had to be carried out?
- Sweet potato tots
- Who talked Lucas into selling LucasFilm for just $4 billion?

See you at the movies!