Friday, March 17, 2017

The Nature of the Force

We discuss in-depth the nature of the Force; does it have a will of its own, and use beings to achieve it? Or is it purely something passive to be tapped into to bend to one's own will? Did Shmi really conceive through the Force itself or someone manipulating it, or was there just not good sex education for slaves on Tatooine? Rhett floats his theory on Rey's parentage and how they will reveal fear of spoilers on this one.

Michael announces a contest of sorts for those who will be attending Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.

Rhett discusses how changing his iTunes funding source from a credit card to a debit card has made him less interested in geting back into the app...after having spent freely enough to pull whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it, how could a smaller budget of credits feel as much fun to pull with? Especially if trading is not enjoyable to you?

Is Slingblade a comedy? Is deer hunting a sport? What's the collective noun for a group of deer? For a group of Ewoks? We discuss the ramifications of Lumpy from the Star Wars Holiday Special now being canon.