Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Android Quidd, Where Art Thou?

We find a lot to talk about, some of it about cards, some of it not. Michael in particular is getting tired of being on the outside looking in at the Star Trek sets in Quidd, and is hoping the Android version drops soon. He "drones on", as Rhett says, a little about Bunt. Rhett speaks out in defense of people that advertise "1 insert for two", and the kinds of bargains that can be found trading with them. We conclude with typical randomness: the subtleties of recording on a VHS, Benson, Soap with Billy Crystal, Bob Ross, and Picture Pages.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

How the Poggle Rainbow was Restored

Michael's back on top of the world and tells how he was able to get the missing 1-count to fill the void in his life. We discuss roulage and the top three Most Iconic Star Wars villains. There is disagreement over whether AT-AT Driver should be among them. Warning: the post-show somehow ends up being all business. We start by joking about which walker to hoard in TWD, but then wonder how anyone hoards a specific since there's no distinguishing text on the cards. Then we talk a little Bunt contests and Huddle.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cross-trade, Power Box-Power Up

We discuss the rumors that there has or will be an entire month spent on re-shoots for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Michael got bored enough to download Bunt and Huddle (not Kick, of course), and gets his first taste of cross-trading. Ok, maybe it's not bored as much as deflated from still being unable to obtain the 1-count Mustafar Poggle. Rhett talks up the orange and insert load-up from the Power Box. And somehow, somehow, we still have more to say about manatees.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Cosplay, 1-Count Poggle

We have a pairing suggesting for today's episode, enjoy it with a 2010 Riesling. Michael and Rhett start off discussing some of their cosplay exploits, to varying degrees of success and notoriety. We talk about ways to get trades going: being proactive vs. advertising and letting them come in. Via Bunt, we also discuss rewards for completing sets, or the lack thereof. Michael discusses his woes in trying to obtain the 1-count Poggle base variant. Rhett critiques a symphony concert featuring a program of sci-fi film music. Also, selections by Mike and the Mechanics.