Friday, October 27, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Where do you get more bacteria exposure? Hotels? Airplanes? Movie theaters? Which condiments work to be consumed standalone? We address these questions and more, including coverage of raclette, and pickled foods.

We give the app some love, too. Rhett's spending is ramping up, which he's working to keep under control. He's working on completing most of the parallels of the Underworld set, and looking forward to the low-count overall award. Tommy hasn't been able to log in. And for what is probably the most exciting news of the week, Michael won an original sketch from Topps in their porg contest!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy Force Friday II

Happy Force Friday II. Here's an episode to enjoy while trying not to drown in the endless retail porg-sea. Rhett gives a post-eclipse debrief, having driven to view totality. We discuss Star Trek transporters: how do they work? We compare and contrast Blizzard customer service with Topps

Series 5: we're overall not enjoying the aesthetics yet, and wanting more cards with named characters. Michael asks: how is there is no Sleazebaggano card after all this time?

The aftershow catches up on the latest of Zamphyr, and more importantly, Esteban. We hash out a good screenplay pitch based on him, and, even more viably, reality show.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Crystals, Obi Wan movie rumblings, Series 5 previews, Eclipse

A new episode with lots to cover, both in-app and out. Not official yet, but we talk about the probably Obi Wan standalone movie. In-app, we discuss the new pay-only currency, Crystals, and what we've seen so far of the look of Series 5. Also, of course, happy eclipse day; hopefully you're able to get a glimpse of it where you are. But safely! We do not officially recommend using your 3D glasses from The Phantom Menace to stare at it.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

2-for-1 Guy, British Monarchy, Logo Contest

Logo contest: we want your logo submissions! If yours is chosen, you get a complete Commemorative set. Contact via Twitter DM, @CT_Illuminerdy. If you're not on Twitter, 1-1 LeftyTheHutt about it in the app.

We toss around some new card trading app ideas. MTV VJs? World leaders? Imagine hoarding Margaret Thatcher or Manuel Noriega. Michael shares some breaking news about the Queen of England -- she is abdicating her throne due to illness...according to the tabloid Michael saw at the grocery store.

Rhett's enjoying trading, and especially enjoys those who offer any of their inserts in exchange for any two. We discuss what we're chasing, and how we're chasing it.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Rhett's Back in the App

As seen on Twitter, the Kenner marathon set has done it -- pulled Rhett back in the app. He hasn't taken out a second mortgage on his house (yet), but he's not F2P, either. Will it last?

Also, we discuss tattoo technology, and some of us are looking forward to My Little Pony: The Movie. For the kids, of course.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What's in a name?

An NSA contractor who was arrested for leaking confidential information happened to be named Reality Winner. Does a person's name lead to a certain Destiny, or is it just being born in a socioeconomic environment where a name is common that makes it so?

What's available at the modern public library? Rhett's opinion of them moves from indifferent to hostile. And then does the same with rural volunteer fire departments.

Michael's bought into the Star Wars: Destiny collectible (physical) card and dice game, and he and Rhett have gotten to play.

Rhett still hadn't been in the app when we recorded this, just before the Hasbro inserts dropped. But that changed after they did...stay tuned for the next exciting episode!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Star Wars Plot Twists, Star Wars: Destiny

Happy birthday, America! Seems like as good a time as any to release an episode.

Rhett cracks some Star Wars packs! Not Card Trader, but Star Wars: Destiny. A card and dice game that he's keen to recruit Michael into playing as well.

We discuss remote controls. Is a fake remote a good place to hide valuables? I.e., would it be taken in a robbery? Day-to-day, is the remote the most valuable item in the home?

Michael shares his new hoard in the app: credits. Not towards any purpose, just the most interesting thing for him to chase at the moment.

We also discuss the upcoming Star Wars movies, and the obsession in the Star Wars universe and fandom with plot twists.

Contest results not discussed in this episode, but are forthcoming!