Friday, June 19, 2015

Dianoga Teal, Trade Confessions, and Feed Me No Lines

On today's Star Wars Card Trader discussion with Tommy, Michael, and Rhett: As we start to record, new Teal cards are announced! We thought we were over teal, but not when teal is our gateway to the new cards!

Then we have an intimate session of Trade Confessions, where we share trades that some may consider embarrassing, but are a relief to get off of our chests.

Finally, we end on an up note with Feed Me No Lines, a segment where we share some of the wit and wisdom from the fan feed, whether it was pasted there on purpose or not.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Teal awards, 1977, and Space Paintings

Michael, Rhett, and Tommy discuss what's new this week in Star Wars Card Trader land. Moments before hitting record, Dr. Cornelius Evazan was released, the awards for both teal chases dropped, and we spent some time discussing the costs of chasing the new 1977 set, as well as the Space Painting set, both of which came out the same day!