Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kick vs. Skate

We break tradition and discuss heretofore verboten Topps apps as Rhett poses a hypothetical question: which would you be more likely to download first: Kick or Skate? Bunt, too, gets some air time, as the World Series is underway. And SWCT is not forgotten; we discuss the handling of the introduction of Base 4. In the post-show Michael and Rhett talk about their experience hosting a few panels at a local con.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cards as Coded Communication

Rhett has a man-cold, but takes his meds and powers through the episode. We discuss if it was worth giving up on Series 3 so soon. And the Highlander movies. We then discuss what amounts to using the cards as emoji, communicating in an encoded form based on the cards you offer and counter for; useful, for example, to discover if the person at the other end of the trade is in adverse conditions but the comments would be monitored. Also, Meditation Chamber update. A movie gets a mention: Turkish film that liberally steals from Episode IV and inter-cuts its own footage: The Man Who Saves the Word (can be found on YouTube).

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Amaze-ing Cards

Legal settlements and contractual hiatus obligations have finally been met so it's time for an episode! Michael shares how Google surveys have provided away to stay F2P but buy the occasional bundle as needed. We say good-bye to base series 2 and TFA series 1, and mention a few of the sets that have come and gone since..."Awaken Your Memory."