Monday, August 21, 2017

Crystals, Obi Wan movie rumblings, Series 5 previews, Eclipse

A new episode with lots to cover, both in-app and out. Not official yet, but we talk about the probably Obi Wan standalone movie. In-app, we discuss the new pay-only currency, Crystals, and what we've seen so far of the look of Series 5. Also, of course, happy eclipse day; hopefully you're able to get a glimpse of it where you are. But safely! We do not officially recommend using your 3D glasses from The Phantom Menace to stare at it.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

2-for-1 Guy, British Monarchy, Logo Contest

Logo contest: we want your logo submissions! If yours is chosen, you get a complete Commemorative set. Contact via Twitter DM, @CT_Illuminerdy. If you're not on Twitter, 1-1 LeftyTheHutt about it in the app.

We toss around some new card trading app ideas. MTV VJs? World leaders? Imagine hoarding Margaret Thatcher or Manuel Noriega. Michael shares some breaking news about the Queen of England -- she is abdicating her throne due to illness...according to the tabloid Michael saw at the grocery store.

Rhett's enjoying trading, and especially enjoys those who offer any of their inserts in exchange for any two. We discuss what we're chasing, and how we're chasing it.