Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cash for cards, Tatooine economics

This week we find some things to talk about...Jabba's palace cards are back, and they move quickly. Topps is also burning through the Journey To The Force Awakens parallels, and while it's great that we can have a shot at any card we can pull from a physical pack, it's starting to chafe a little being asked to directly pay for these parallels also. And with the sale price bringing the direct cost of a 5 or 7 count card to $15 USD, does this undercut other low-count cards?

And the new Gorax Space Painting prompts a dream of Wilford Brimley and other Ewok movie cards.

One minor correction: When discussing Apple's 30% cut of in-app purchases, I gave the example of Spotify costing $10 per month, where all $10 goes to Spotify if signing up through their site, and only 6-something goes to them if you sign up through their app. What Spotify actually does is charge $13 per month if you sign up through their iOS app, to make up the difference. Apple's 30% take does not apply to apps where the purchase is for goods or services outside the app, for example physical goods from Amazon, or paying for a ride through Uber. Too nerdy? What can we tell you, it's in our name.