Thursday, November 5, 2015

100% Neon hoard, Journey to TFA, Angles, Inserts Pack, Gold Fan's Choice Vote

After a week of little in the way of new sets to talk about, we get a flurry of activity over the last week, from the small Whiteout set to the very large-yet-accessible Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Something for everyone, you might say, and you might also say that there's something for Rhett to complain about also. If you thought the Pack Inserts set was ridiculous for selling us the virtual wrappers of previous sets, you'll understand where he's coming from. Harder to get your head around may be the fact that the way in which the ultra-low-count-yet-hundreds-of-them Neon Base Variants has allowed something we haven't seen up until this point in the app: 100% ownership of all copies of a card by a single fan. It's debatable that Rhett was the first to do it, but it's not debatable that collecting a complete set of Neons just got a lot more expensive. Also the way in which the Neons sold out was much more of a bang than a whimper, one fan who ended up spending nearly $20,000 USD on over 200 of them described their rapid sell out as a "run on the bank."

Reddit thread with posts from the bulk Neon purchaser

We also take some time to discuss the random Lars / Beru Connection card that mysteriously appeared and was then marked Sold Out, as well as a much-needed lampoon of the Gold Fan's Choice card voting ballot. All this plus the re-appearance of the "bequeathed" pink card for 10 lucky big spenders in the app. Enjoy!