Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween cards, Neon, and an eerie quiet...

Well it's been an interesting week in Star Wars Card Trader land, in that there hasn't been much interesting going on. At least, not if you like new inserts. We have had one new set, in the spirit of Halloween (is this a global holiday? Does this even make sense in most places outside of the US?).

If you like base variants, though, there's been at least a little going on. Two new colors have been added to the rainbow. The 10 creatures that got their orange base variants, different of course from the orange cards we have a shot at after pulling green. And then there's the divisive Neon...ultra-rare at 5-count, and yet there's plenty to go around, and a guaranteed pull...if you pony up the cash. Here's the article mentioned during the discussion: Card Trader Digital's Much Ado About Neons.

We wonder why checklists aren't there for every set with an award card, as soon as all cards in the set have dropped. In the meantime, we go over how to view a checklist for a particular set an parallel yourself, by filtering the Checklist view in your cards using precise search terms: Shorthand search terms.

Did we miss anything? Get anything wrong? Let us know @CT_Illuminerdy!