Friday, October 23, 2015

Marathon Awards Awaken, Classic Art 2 out of control, and the Factions set

As we record this on Wednesday night, we know what the awards are for all the marathon sets. Except of course GM. Poor GM. We round up the hits an misses in a thoroughly subjective analysis. Except for the gold premium Fan's Choice, that's objectively bad form.

So what's up with Classic Art 2? Why did it go off the rails, from a defined count set, with a once daily release, to a set of indeterminate length, dropping no less than 3 times every day? By the time they switched, we were long settled on what fit our budgets as far as what parallels to chase, and it's been a stretch budget stretch to have that amount compressed from 3 days into 1. Why is not something we'll likely ever know, but it doesn't stop us from imagining Mr. Topps in is top hat and monocle demanding that action be taken to squeeze more spending from the digital fan base. While, of course, stroking a cat.

And lastly we unravel the Factions parallels...nice looking set, and a new combination of ways to collect 'em all.