Thursday, October 15, 2015

Purple Bounty Variants, Pink Returns with Ahsoka

As some marathons have finished, and others haven't, the marathons that are left seem to be stretching things out as long as they can. We discuss the current delays, primarily the purple bounties that were release, and the ensuing Smuggler's Den deals. We talk about the return of the rare pink that arrives in the form of Ahsoka, as well as other sets that have been introduced in the last week. Speaking of sets both new and old, we introduce a new segment, "AT-AT Pack Watch", to review what's likely to show up there when the pack returns. We also have an update from our correction turns out we have corrections. Not, of course, with any of our pronunciations. If you catch an error, let us know on Twitter: @CT_Illuminerdy. Each correction is worth 9 white base cards of your choice! (Send trades for them to RHETTB)