Friday, October 9, 2015

Marathon-less Thursday, New vs Old Monuments, New chases

Let's have a moment of silence...for the first time since the launch of the app, it's a Thursday without a Vintage. Some of us were hoping that we'd see the start of something new in the marathon vein, others were glad for the break. Of course, after a marathon it does make sense to take a little time off to recuperate. That's not to say we don't have anything new to chase of course, we're enjoying the many shades of the new Art of the Rebellion set. And coming in at the end of the evening (for North and South America, anyway), was just the thing we needed, the return of the green/orange chase, the grilled cheese and tomato soup comfort food of the app.

We also talk a little about things from other Topps trading apps, most noteworthy, the latest version of their NFL trading card app Huddle allows up to 18 cards in a single trade. Will that make it to SWCT?