Friday, July 10, 2015

SDCC Weekend! Battlefront, Predictions revisited, and more

Welcome! Another day, another (25K) credit in SWCT-land. Tommy, Rhett, and Michael are joined today by Pinky (THEFIFTHFINGER) to weigh in on all of the action surrounding the start of the San Diego Comic-Con weekend. Topps is capitalizing on the event in a big way, and will hopefully get the word on the street and expand the ranks of traders. They've posted some helpful Transmissions in the app to get new traders oriented, gave out a free Sidious pack, and are giving out free Boba Fett packs. Via Reddit: visit before August 31, enter your fan name and code TOPPSSDCC2015 to unlock a free pack in the app. The free pack will be available for 24 hours after unlocking, so don't forget to open the pack soon after.

We assess the new Battlefront set: good looking, even if may end up being one of the more common insert sets by the time it sells out Sunday. It seems likely we'll see more of these, though, which will be looking forward to. In our last episode we discussed future cards we'd enjoying seeing, and lo-and-behold, within a few days we not only had Dexter Jettster, but also the two-headed announcer Fode and Beed, both as predicted/desired! All this and more...enjoy the episode, subscribe in iTunes, and let us know what you think on Twitter, @CT_Illuminerdy!