Thursday, July 2, 2015

Space Painting Award, New Set Roundup, and Clone Attack! Announcement

TK Inspiration? Helmet art on display at Celebration IV in 2007
Hello! We have a lot of ground to cover here today, and waste no time in doing so. Tommy, Michael, and Rhett weigh in on the latest in SWCT-land, including but not limited to:

- The announcement of an award for the first 15 space paintings (deadline 7/8)
- What that may mean for the Classic Art set (Tommy predicts a Luke award card after 15)
- Thoughts on the bevvy of new sets: Badges, Manga, TK, Sketch, and Intergalactic (and roughly in that order of enjoyment by the hosts)
- Elegant Weapon update (hint: still plenty of gold weapons out there)
- A quick overview of Clone Attack!, which hit the Transmission feed as we spoke
- A not-too-salacious Trade Confession from Michael
- Special shout-out to LORDVEX for his Father's day inserts gifts to dads in the feed
- A brief but memorable entry culled from the feed for our "Feed Me No Lines" segment

Join us again soon...we aim to be an up-to-date source of entertaining SWCT talk and info to expand your trading universe!