Friday, July 17, 2015

Reflections Set, Series 2 Review/Gold Chase, and the Law of Averages

It's time for another sit down to talk about Star Wars Card Trader. Tommy, Michael, and Rhett discuss the latest. Series 2 is well upon us, and not just the red, white, and blue -- they've dropped all the yellow, and the gold, and not only announced purple, but busted straight past that to brown! ("They've gone to plaid!")

Tommy brings up the inescapable Law of Averages, just to remind anyone on a run or in a slump that this too, shall pass, so hang in there or be prepared; over the long haul we can't run from those odds. We discuss the state of TK, and its potential to become an ultra-marathon set, as well as the new Storyboards set. And of course, the head-scratching Reflections set that had people lamenting the uselessness of their college education, and throwing Vintages towards it like nobody's business.

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