Sunday, July 26, 2015

Run in with J.J. Abrams, Spectrum, Star Destroyer, and a Feed Me No Lines Special Report

Michael with J.J. Abrams
It's time for another clandestine meeting of the Card Trader Illuminerdy. We have a new initiate DAVESECURA joining us in "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Star Wars Card Trader But Were Afraid to Ask".


  • J.J. Abrams and co-host MICHAELNIPP are seen together in the current issue of Star Wars Insider, and Michael tells us how it happened.
  • Our jokes about "rainbow" variants and "they've gone to plaid" seem very prescient with the new Spectrum variant that popped up very shortly after our last episode was posted.
  • Star Destroyer pack aftermath, a.k.a. How Much Crow Does RHETTB have to eat for now having 3 Parallels of Sketch After Swearing It Off Forever Last Week.
  • "Badges: a tiny little poster that fits on a shot glass" and the communication breakdown
  • E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial Dream card comes to life thanks to @Genxwing!
  • A Feed Me No Lines special report: Ways that fans make the Fan Feed bearable, with contests, lotteries, sage advice, and performance art (here's to you, POWERDROID1977). Also, I didn't have the info on hand while recording, but credit goes to CARTH25 for the late-night Trivia for Inserts: After being late on many other questions, I finally won an insert by 1:1'ing him in under a minute the correct answer to: "This super popular action figure was first produced with long legs and a blue outfit. He was fixed with red outfit small legs."
Thanks as always for letting us know you're enjoying what you're hearing, we're looking forward to some exciting things in the coming weeks!