Thursday, July 30, 2015

August Giveaway, Reflections / Wave 2 wrap up

We are helping to give away some cards! The Black Sun Card Cantina has 7 wave 2 marathon cards to give away at the end of August. To win: listen during the month as we give out letters each week. Re-arrange them for the correct solution. Be the first to post it to the Black Sun Card Cantina group to win all seven cards!

This week sees the end of Wave 2 as well as the relatively short-lived Reflections set. We tackle the existential question: Is it better for a set to end in the midst of its prime, before chase fatigue sets in, or better for it to fade away? Reflections is ending while still being the hottest trading ticket going; in addition to its good looks, will this ending cement it as set with trade longevity long past its "active"ness?

We also do a "Scorecard Rundown" to assess what we've gotten right and wrong in the last week: Spoiler alert, we weren't 100% correct!

Thanks as always for listening, and especially reaching out to us to let us know you're enjoying what you're hearing! On Twitter: @CT_Illuminerdy