Friday, August 7, 2015

Seven new sets in a week: From Prism to Naboo

"I'm thinking a new set between now and the next time we record." Michael, Thursday 7/30/2015.

I don't know if his prediction was accurate, or wildly inaccurate. Prism was released that afternoon and made his prediction true, but then 6 other sets introduced after that made something of a mockery of "a new set or two." Posters of the Rebellion, Mechanical Evolution, Icons, Light Side, Street Art, and Naboo have followed so fast and furious that our usual reflexive refresh of the Transmission feed has been tempered somewhat, lest it reveal another set and associated packs to vie for our at
tention in the Cantina. Speaking of which, at the time we recorded and our posting this, we count 18 different packs for sale in the Cantina without master pack access, and a whopping 37 total if you've got access to that. Don't say they never gave you enough options about where to spend credits!

Our contest in association with the Black Sun Card Cantina continues; listen for R2 to get another couple of letters for the prize hunt.

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