Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth Be With You

May the fourth be with's a good excuse to release a new episode. In this one we ask a lot of questions.

We go over the May the 4th bundle sales in the app, and are they good enough to tempt Rhett to update his app and open it? 105K credits for $4.99 is a phenomenal deal, and Rhett is quick to ask why would buy the 300K bundle for $24.99. And quicker still to call them an idiot.

What legitimate businesses are depicted in the Star Wars films? Cantina, Jettster's Diner, Watto's shop, the bar where Obi-Wan talks to the death sticks kid...and? Canata's Castle?

What local law enforcement is depicted in the Star Wars films? Is Bespin's ships private security? Is Naboo palace guard local law enforcement? Does Constable Zuvio actually appear in The Force Awakens?

What was the last line of toys that you worked on collecting as a child?

What fast food restaurant brings you shame? That is, the cup from what restaurant do you try to avoid carrying back with you from lunch into your workplace so others won't know that you ate there? This leads to a long discussion of Krystal, and how it may or may not compare and contrast with White Castle.

Tommy critiques the missing Star Wars sound effects in the new version of the app, especially compared to the great work that was recently done in the Batter Up game in the Bunt app.

Is it actually physically possible to consume as many beers in a day as Wade Boggs has [allegedly] claimed (107)?

What's your favorite Prokofiev piece? Rhett's: Battle on the Ice from Alexander Nevsky. Tommy's: Montagues and Capulets from Romeo and Juliet.

And the most important question: Have you entered our giveaway contest? Leave us a review on iTunes to enter!