Thursday, February 23, 2017

30 Pack Fans Choice pull, Space Camp Aviation Challenge

Michael's back in the Star Wars Card Trader app, adding a thin veneer of legitimacy back to our podcast. Tommy spends hundreds of thousands and 30 packs to pull a Fans Choice (with a 0.12% chance of that happening, it's his luckiest pull in the app). Rhett is in awe of the amazing things people can do from watching "People are awesome" compilations on YouTube. We discuss Chuck Yeager and Harrison Ford's current flight careers. Rhett discusses his experience with the flight sim software Falcon 4.0 (37 minutes), and how it led him to dominating an Aviation Challenge camp, part of the Space Camp at Huntsville, AL, even heads-up against an experienced fighter pilot. Rhett did, however, lost to this 70-year-old veteran in a foot race. He also shares how another campers narcolepsy factored into his experience (45 minutes).