Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Year in SWCT, Sending 500 Blind Trades (to 7 people)

Happy Birthday SWCT! This week we talk about:

  • Vote in Star Wars Podcast Awards if you haven't! We're in New Show, Trade Fed is in Collecting. Polls open through 3/24
  • Michael's ease in resolving a multi-hundred blind trade bug (thanks Rhett and #WalkForTheFix!)
  • Revisited fun
  • Sneaking variants in base trades: Futility of flipping over cards in the trade offer
  • Pi day in SWCT vs. other Topps Digital apps
  • Primes
  • Dejarik - we like this set
  • Meditation Chamber card count update
  • Djas Puhr found! Apparently we weren't in-depth-enough fans to recognize this character


  • Ancient Aztec sports
  • 90's baseball
  • The Waffle Sandwich at Waffle House
  • Sped-up cooking videos