Friday, February 12, 2016

Marathons-for-Money, and...White base-for-Money?!

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Big thanks to those who sent Jan Dodonna and info on why a card may not show up in your collection even if you trade for it. We also discuss the opposite problem, where a card does seem to be in the collection, but is not actually there, and has cost people awards cards. Frustrating to say the's one thing to hem and haw about how a marathon for a few dollars devalues if not demoralizes the fun of chasing for an amount of credits that's much greater (and we spend plenty of time doing that in this episode), but it's a whole other level when you can't trust that the cards that appear to be in your collection may not be there! Also we discover the new-to-us phenomenon of people selling and buying white base, Rey in particular, for real actual money. Who knew?! Not us!