Thursday, January 14, 2016

Topps Razor, The Most Limited Variant of 2016, Q and A

"The dumbest, most awful thing possible is the most likely scenario."
- Topps Razor

Well this is a packed episode. We cover, and not necessarily in this order:

- Pulling a faction card vs. winning the lottery (as we recorded there was only one reported winner)
- The brilliant community work in spreading the "1 in the pack? Turn yo' back!" message
- How will Series 3/TFA Series 1 be rolled out?
- Rhett coins "Topps Razor"
- Teals: The "most limited variant of 2016"!
- Pink chases, monument chases
- The most special Q&A session of 2016! Michael gives an emotional recount of how he came to hoard Poggle
- Posters: you can pull 'em (with credits even!), but you can't trade for 'em! least at this a harbinger of things to come?
- New parallels: Green and orange instead of yellow and gold: for easier color recognition in trades? To make room for an even more-most-limited-499-count-gold-variant?

As this is posting, a whole lot of monument cards are appearing under "Coming Soon" in the app. Here's hoping that the 5500 count holds...and Topps Razor is proven wrong in this case!