Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post-TFA Viewing Euphoria

The movie's been out for a week, so we've decided out of a healthy mix of laziness and excitement that we won't be trying to protect secrets of the film; our podcast carries an Episode VII spoiler warning from here on out. There are certainly new cards and sets to discuss in the wake of the release of the film; some of the cards themselves contain spoilers in the way of characters and some plot points; also we feel like anyone that's a big enough of a Star Wars fan to be not only using a virtual trading card app, but listening to a podcast dedicated to said app, has probably seen the movie already.

There's a possibility we may take the week off for New Year's, so enjoy this jumbo-sized episode! And for even more Episode VII podcast goodness with Michael and Rhett, check out The Deucecast, where Michael co-hosts, Tommy produces, and Rhett makes appearances for special occasions like Episode VII. Their bonus episode that released yesterday is 100% Episode VII discussion. Find them at Happy New Year!