Friday, September 18, 2015

High-speed Smuggling Tip, First Sig Card, ESB Illustrated Set

We're a couple of weeks into this brave new post Force Friday world, and while we're still happy overall, we do wonder aloud about sets that haven't gotten updates about their rewards, and specifically when those deadlines are...we trust the award cards will come in due time, but how's about a heads up on when the sets need to be complete?

Also, we discuss this tip that makes "coloring up" base cards in the Smuggler's Den a breeze:

Workaround for Shredding In Bulk - from maxreebok on reddit

Unfortunately for Android users, we discovered after recording that this glitch that allows for speedy smuggling is iOS only.

We also talk about SWCT's first signature card, and what exactly Billy Dee Williams may have been doing while he "signed" the 440 blank inserts that were swapped in the Smuggler's Den.

Finally, we discuss the ESB Illustrated in-depth. It's an expansive set with options for traders of all ages and budgets.

Enjoy, and keep sending us feedback on Twitter: @CT_Illuminerdy