Friday, August 28, 2015

Germain Lussier interview, Classic Art 2, Women of Star Wars

Joining us this week is entertainment reporter Germain Lussier, the author of How the Hell Is This JPG of Han Solo Worth $225? He's been trading cards since nearly the beginning, and wrote the article to introduce the app, who runs it, and the community surrounding it, to people not already in the know. He gives us a background into how he got pulled into the app, the approach he used for the story, and extra bits from the people he spoke with at Lucasfilm and Topps that didn't make it into the article.

In other news, Michael's bold predictions fell flat last week: Topps stays silent on TK and storyboard...Topps gently put us in our place, reminding us that our predictions come true or not at their whim. So, thus humbled, we rein in our projections for this week, which, is probably a safe hedging of our bets, given what may be launching on Force Friday. We discuss the new sets, including the changes to the Classic Art format in #2, and Women of Star Wars, overall giving both a thumbs up due to the info we've been asking for, set length, awards to be had, etc., at their launch.

Also, of course, our R2 unit reveals the final clues for the Black Sun Card Cantina contest! Join the group and collect the clues from this month's episodes for a chance to win 7 marathon cards!

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